Netflix Cheating is a real thing!

Have you heard about the term “Netflix cheating”. Well, it is a real thing…

(Verb.) Netflixing a TV series with your spouse/friends/significant other and watching episodes while the other party is out. — Urban Dictionary

I call myself guilty, and I confess to have “cheated” on my viewing buddy by streaming a program ahead of him. When did it happen? Last year, I kept watching the 4th season of Suits…  I just couldn’t stop!!

The top cheating countries are Brazil (58%), Mexico (57%) and Colombia (54%). On the other hand, the most loyal countries are Netherlands (73%), Germany (65%) and Poland (60%). Conclusion: Find a European Netflix buddy…


Are you a Netflix cheater? Take the survey and find out which type of cheater you are!

How Canada did in the Netflix Cheating analysis. Not that bad! Only 37% Canadians are Netflix cheaters. The top cheating shows are: The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and Orange is the New Black.


Are you a Netflix cheater?? Let us know!

If you want to know more about Netflix Cheating visit

See you soon!


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