In love with… Lovesick

One day I was bored and found myself looking for something new to watch on Netflix. I have become a real fan of Netflix Original Series, so those were my first choices. Since I am a hopeless romantic, the search feature led me to Lovesick, a British romantic comedy, and I couldn’t be happier with my choice!

Lovesick tells the story of Dylan (Johnny Flynn), who after finding out he has an STD, must contact every girl he has ever had sex with to let them know the bad news. Dylan, along with his lad Luke (Daniel Ings) and charming Evie (Antonia Thomas), starts the journey to cross names off the list.

With two seasons available, each episode takes you down Dylan’s memories of each girl and the awkward call, or meeting to say “Hi, I might have given you chlamydia”. But what actually makes Lovesick interesting, heartbreaking and hilarious at the same time, is the way the series shows why falling in love is never simple.

Dylan, Evie, and Luke will make you laugh, cry and think about your own unfortunates love stories.

Fourteen episodes of flawless romantic comedy will make you want more… and if you binge watch series like me… you will be waiting for Season 3 to come soon!! Unfortunately, not confirmation has been made yet!

If you do not believe me yet, try The Guardian’s article of “Why I love the Tv show Lovesick?” The finest British romantic comedy in years!

So, if you want to laugh, cry; you feel happy or sad, or if you just feel bored during a cold winter night; open up a bottle of wine, microwave some popcorn, get yourself a comfortable blanket and give Lovesick a chance….

Oh, and btw… let me know how you feel after…



General Information

Seasons available: 2

  • Season 1 – 6 Episodes
  • Season 2 – 8 Episodes

If you like Lovesick: How I met your mother, Gilmore Girls.

4 thoughts on “In love with… Lovesick

  1. jsmoncayo says:

    Get ready to the final episode of the last season, it’s truly dramatic. I love the series because it has great human stories and love/relationship discussion around it!


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