A neat dose of Narcos

With the upcoming of the new season of Narcos in 2017, I wanted to share a few insights about a show I’m hooked to.

I love shows that unveil the dark side of people; it’s maybe because they are  not really about a bad person but rather about a person in general, with fears, weaknesses and personality. Shows such as Dexter, breaking bad, and Narcos make me wonder about how people go from being normal to going rogue. There’s usually a good story behind it and this is what keeps me wanting to see more, in addition to the fact that things are never either black or white, there always a huge grey area, especially when it comes to human behavior.


Narcos is a show that elaborates on the real life of Pablo Escobar. Basically, narrating the story of a smuggler that became the biggest drug dealer in the world, while becoming more powerful than the president of his country, Colombia.

Narcos shows us, in a parallel ways, the “authorities” side (such as CIA, DEA, military, American embassy), and the point of view of the drug dealers – mainly Pablo Escobar in season 1.

Gradually, as more and more episodes goes by, I became more attached to the not so sympathetic personages. Pablo’s right hand and cousin at the same time, Gustavo Gaviria, is the only watchdog and the only person, in the show, that brings him back to earth when his plans are out of control. Dandeny Muñoz Mosquera, more often called “La Quica”, was the hit man of Pablo Escobar and the most determined one of his entourage.

They are bad people that do bad things and I found myself wanting to see more of this show although it leaves me gut wrenched at the end of each episode.

Not to worry, people with fainted heart, because at the beginning, there are also good people that want to do good deeds such as the good Javier Peña and Steve Murphy who are DEA American agents that participate to the fight against the drug cartel in Colombia. Even though they had to trespass legal boundaries to get Pablo, because they were so frustrated that Escobar was always one step ahead of them.

“Look at those peaks Gustavo. I’ll die… before leaving Columbia again.”

With an international cast (Wagner Moura, Boyd Holbrook, Pedro Pascal …), real scenery in Colombia (Bogota and Medellin in particular), the eighties makeup and clothes, The almost documentary approach of the series at certain moments (insertion of amazing archive images) made Narcos succeed in plunging me into the heart of this era, and into the story of the drug business from its birth to its blooming.

I’m addicted!


General Information

Seasons available: 2

  • Season 1 – 10 Episodes
  • Season 2 – 10 Episodes
  • Season 3- coming in 2017

If you like Narcos: Breaking Bad, House of Cards

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