The last four words… Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls a year in a life

November 25th, 2017 was an important date for true Gilmore Girls’ fans. We were back to Stars Hollow after many years of wait. Thank you, Netflix and Amy Sherman-Palladino for making it possible!!


I tried not to binge watch the four episodes, but let’s be honest… It was impossible. I went by “a year in the life” of our beloved Gilmore Girls in just one afternoon. It was a roller-coaster of emotions.

A decade after the final episode of the original series, Stars Hollow is back! Time has passed, the characters have physically changed, but their essence was the same. Kirk was still trying different types of jobs; Taylor trying to convince the town with some crazy idea, and the troubadour (does anyone knows his name?) charming the town with his songs. Lorelai and Rory are back to share some moments, and we even got the chance to finally see Mr. Kim (the only spoiler I promise)


The revival comes to unfold how the lives of all the characters are. Emily is facing the departure of Richard; Rory, as a millennial, is trying to discover her place in the world; and Lorelai is finishing some unfinished businesses, can you guess what?


Richard Gilmore’s departure plays a special role in the revival. Even though he was not physically there, Amy Sherman-Palladino made justice honoring him and showing how important his legacy is for the Gilmore Girls’ lives. If you were fond of him, have some tissues ready. Grandpa Gilmore will be always in our hearts.


Personally, I think the revival made justice to all the fans waiting. It combined Former peculiarities of the characters with current culture events. Just listening to the classic soundtrack will warm your heart.

The love for Gilmore Girls goes beyond its fans. It was impressive to see how almost all the former characters were back, and even ones with small appearances also joined. Some fans are aiming for a second season. I still haven’t made up my mind. The final episode leaves you wanting more, but it takes you where everything begins with those last four words.


Hope you enjoy it as much as I did… and please tell me your favorite! Mine: Fall


General Information

Seasons available: 1

  • Season 1 – 4 AMAZING Episodes
  • Season 2 – Mmm… I don’t know if we really want a 2nd season.!

If you like Gilmore Girls: Lovesick, Modern Family,

And if you haven’t watched the original, please do it!


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