The 80s are back: Stranger Things

When a kid named Will Byers disappears in the middle of a peaceful little town, a lot of questions are raised.

Especially, by his best friends with whom he spends all his time; they play geeky wizards games together, they go to school together, eat together and even get bullied together. The probability that the sheriff came with, that he ran away, was unimaginable for both his friends and family. They go on a mission to find out what exactly happened to him, each one his own way, especially after some unusual events happened.


In their quest to find him, they met a shaved little girl, whose name is tattooed on her wrist: “ 11”.

They feel she can help them; she might even be the answer to all the questions.

It’s a sci-fi TV show that is set in the eighties, everything is perfectly done in an eighties manner, the costumes, makeup, hair, scenario, and even the opening credits. (“stranger things” title in red) I think that it is a wonderful tribute to the eighties and somehow takes me back when I was a kid and immerse me in Stephen’s king world of mysteries.  This reminds me so much of Stephen king stories, which I devoured when I was a kid.

Winona Ryder

I cannot tell you more without spoiling, in my opinion, just know that I devoured these episodes as well, unlayering mystery after the other until we get to the bottom of it all: the truth.

Give it a try! It is worth your R&R.

Check out also the Vanity Fair review, in case you still do not believe me =(

  • K,

General Information

Seasons available: 1

  • Season 1 – 8 Episodes
  • Season 2 – coming in summer 2017

If you like Stranger Things:  All things Stephen King(movies, books, tv shows)

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